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About Fire Pool

Fire Pool is a dynamic home wildfire defense system created specifically for pool owners! 

Our unique Hydrant System combines pool industry-specific valving and genuine forestry fire fighting equipment. With Fire Pool integrated into your existing filtration system, you will have access to all of the pool's water and fire fighting power. It's easy to set up and you can start soaking your property in minutes. With Fire Pool you are  able to effectively deliver water incredible distances without relying on or affecting city water pressures!

Off Grid Water Supply

The straight forward design affords you independence from the city water supply. This means that while neighbors and the Fire Department are depending on municipal water pressures, you'll have access to thousands of gallons of pressurized pool water. Equally important, the Hydrant body houses patented valve technology specifically designed to actively manage water pressures and to prevent damage to the pool system pump. This allows you to preemptively pressurize your hydrant and hoses well before you need them. If you decide to evacuate, you may leave pressurized hoses ready for the Fire Department to use.

Industry Leading Design & Standards

Fire Pool is first of its kind, and the ONLY hydrant system patented to use with pool equipment.

The system is professionally installed with a high standard for functionality and aesthetics. Bright red coatings distinguish the Hydrant from the rest of the filtration system. Bright yellow Forestry hoses are rugged and easy to see in smokey situations. Durable, easy to handle, high-flow nozzles distribute pressurized water. Clear labels and instructions help guide set-up, use and storage of the system.

Our Story

Fire Pool was created in a small town in Southern California where the threat of annual wildfires is ever present. Creator, Brad Jamison, has dedicated years to the development and testing of a pool-powered hydrant system that can help save lives and property. Out of a deep desire to help Californians threatened by wildfire, Fire Pool was born.

Our Process


No Cost

 Property Assessment





FIRE POOL Installation and 

System Training



Annual Maintenance

Our Quality Guarantee

Your Fire Pool Hydrant is constructed of premium American-made products from the fire protection and pool filtration industries. Fire Pool is guaranteed to be free from defects upon installation for a period of 12 months. At the end of twelve months, it is suggested that the Hydrant and accompanying equipment undergo a thorough inspection and service. The first Annual Maintenance is included with the purchase of your Fire Pool Hydrant. We offer a renewable warranty that may be purchased upon completion of each Annual Maintenance, and at that year’s current rate. Be advised that some parts have a maximum service life and must be replaced regardless of use. Those, and parts damaged by activities other than Fire Pool’s intended use, will be replaced at that year’s current prices.

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