Hands-On System Instruction

We guarantee our product and have very high standards for installation and final product outcomes.

Therefore your pool's pump and filtration system will be assessed to determine available flow rate and pressure, and all proper fittings, hoses and nozzles will be provided for your desired application.

We offer Hands-on instruction for system set-up and use. We encourage homeowners to invite all willing occupants, friends and neighbors to attend the training. Safety, set-up, operating, tear-down, storage and PPE (personal protection equipment) will be discussed.



Contact Us for Property Assessment

In-Person Assessment

During this appointment our Installation Specialist will inspect your pool equipment and answer any questions you may have.


Virtual Assessment

If you would prefer to do your assessment virtually please call for more information. 

*This appointment is at no cost.



Schedule Your Installation

After your assessment we will work with you to schedule your installation day.


We Install Monday - Friday and Saturdays upon request. 



Fire Pool Installation & System Training

Installation will take 1 to 2 days to complete depending on complexity of your existing pool plumbing.

The finished FIREPOOL Hydrant will be installed inline to your existing pool plumbing and will NOT affect or restrict  current setup. 



Fire Pool Annual Maintenance

What’s included:

  1. Hydrant System Integrity Check: Seals and leak check. Pressure & flow test. Valve movement. Labelling.

  2. Stored Item Readiness Check: Hose Integrity and expiration. Nozzles ready. Storage Drum integrity.

  3. Pressure Relief Valve (PRV) internal parts check-up: Check for use and ware. Cycle test for performance. Replace parts if needed.

  4. Hands-On System Instruction Refresher

  5. Annual Maintenance takes place in the Spring season, before Annual Fire Season.

 The first Annual Maintenance and refresher are free with installation of your Fire Pool Hydrant. Upon completion of the first annual service, the warranty is renewed for an additional 12 months. See Our Quality Guarantee on the                          page.


Before Installation

The existing plumbing leading to the Fire Pool Hydrant will be checked for its integrity. If it needs replacement, or rerouting, it is considered mandatory and is therefore included in the installation process.

After Installation

Your pool filtration system will operate as effectively as before, and in some cases more efficiently. All PVC connections are precision glued,  structurally sound and checked for leaks. The system will work and look great.