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Pet Rescue Stickers, Plaques and Care Instructions

Pet rescue stickers can help emergency crews identify what pets need help during a fire, earthquake or other emergency situation. If you are not home during an emergency these pet help & rescue stickers/plaques can be the difference between life and death. Pet Emergency Rescue Stickers can be placed in all main access areas of your home, or in windows near main entrances. They are easy to use and update, and come in vast variety of styles. Some Pet Rescue Sticker packs come with care instructions sheets that can be useful in case you are not able to get home to your pet right away. Also available are Pet ID tags that can be placed on your pet and provide further contact and care information.

Where do I find Pet Rescue stickers?

Find your Pet Rescue Emergency Stickers on Amazon, or online at other nationwide suppliers. See below for suggestions.


Purchase a pack that includes more than one sticker/plaque. Place Pet Rescue Stickers at ALL main access points of your home.

Here’s are a few retailers that provide Pet Rescue Notification Packs:





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